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Hindi TV Serial – Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon – Madhu all ready to sign on the divorce papers

Twists and more twists. One cannot understand as to how long the serial will draw out the story. Ever since there was a face off between Sultan and RK near the edge of a cliff, in which RK shot Sultan, RK has been in trouble ever since. He was arrested by the police for the murder of Sultan, and since then, the troubles for him have increased. He was about to be released on bail, but that never happened since the opposing lawyer showed a lot of nuisance and drama that RK had done in the past (although that seems odd, since for provisions of bail, the only reasons are whether his being out would cause problems to the police investigations, and that does not seem to be the case). On the other hand, Madhu is sure that Sultan is alive, and he is doing all this drama about being dead so that RK remains in trouble and he can separate RK from Madhu.
So Madhu is trying her best to show that Sultan is still alive, since this will ensure that there is no case against RK and he will be out of jail. However, they have not recknoned with the presence of Deepali; they know what all she is capable of, but they ensure that she remains in the house and causes severe problems to them from time to time. Her reasons are getting strange – the more time that RK is in jail or his career is affected, the more likely that there will not be the money available that helps to keep Sikki and her in comfort. So to that extent, her motivations seem a bit absurd. But, she hears that there are going to be some problems with Sultan and she calls him and up and warns him (while apparently the police are hunting for Sultan, and have not even bothered to even put his phone number on tracking, something that is so familiar to viewers of CID or Crime Patrol). Hence, when Madhu tries to get the police to catch Sultan, he is aware and does not get caught. Somebody else gets caught, but with the face covered so that they think they have caught Sultan, but when the face is uncovered, it is not Sultan, and their entire effort has gone waste.
Now, Sultan sets a condition for Madhu; that only if she gets a divorce from RK will he arrange matter so that RK can come out of jail. Madhu finally agrees to this, although she does tell Sultan that she will never go to him; while Sultan is very confident that eventually Madhu will come to him. She asks Sultan for one more day with RK, and Sultan does agree, but he is angry whenever he sees RK and Madhu close together or in an intimate position. However, soon after, it will seem that RK’s bail is going to get canceled, which will ensure that Madhu will make all efforts to get a divorce.

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