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Hindi TV Serial – Bade Acche Lagte Hain – The time leap happens and kids get older

Finally, the time leap happens. For some months now, there was the news that Bade Acche Lagte Hain would go in for a time leap, given that this was an old tactic using by Ekta Kapoor for generating some newness and increase the enthusiasm in viewers for the serial. However, the earlier story was that the serial would go in for a time leap after showing a divorce between the lead pair, Priya and Ram. However, viewers apparently did not like this kind of story (in the earlier days, Balaji Telefilms would easily have adopted such an option, but not anymore) and hence the story was modified, with tensions in the family and within the lead pair resolved after a plane crash which brought everybody back to their senses about how much they liked each other.
However, the tension between Karthik and Natasha did not resolve, and the show did show that they decided to go their own separate ways, with Natasha unwilling to forget what Karthik had done. At that point, Vikram’s brother, Bhanu came into the picture. He was shown as a happy go lucky character, and he did his best to try and make the life of Natasha happier, suddenly coming into her shop and insisting that they eat over there (seemingly copied from the movie Hum Tum), and overall did a lot to bring back a smile into her life. Suddenly, one day when Karthik called up, Natasha asked Bhanu to speak loudly and posed as if she was speaking to a male friend who was close to her. Karthik did not like this one bit, and came to Priya to complain, she refused to listen. Ram in fact the other way and told Karthik that Natasha was engaged to Bhanu. When this came out, they did finally get engaged with a marriage planned for quick time. However, Priya did not like Bhanu all that much, and searched for his background, and finally found a girl there. The girl was reluctant but finally agreed that Bhanu left her because she had no money. Priya took this open at the marriage, and for a time it seemed that Natasha would not believe her, and Bhanu managed to convince people that this was not true. However, later Natasha told him that she wanted to get married to him quickly, but she did not have money. He was shocked and refused to get married to her, and then he was dutifully slapped by both Ram and his own brother Vikram. So ended the Bhanu story and just after there was the rush to hospital.
Now, it is 9 years later. The twins were both girls, and Pihu is now a 16 year old girl, and any such girl would scare her parents. Priya is very curious and suspicious of whatever Pihu is doing, and Pihu keeps her teasing Priya on how she keeps on spying on her. In this keeping a track on Pihu, Khush, Ayesha’s son plays a critical role. He acts like a spy for Piya, telling her whatever is going on, and even tells her the updated password that Pihu has put on her computer. On the other hand, Ram is very busy and they have not even gone for a vacation for some years now, and from time to time, Priya keeps on cribbing about that. They even play a stupid game whereby they pretend that they are cheating on each other and go to another flat to meet each other on the sly.

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