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Hindi TV Serial – Ballika Vadhu – Jagya goes missing when he goes to meet Ganga, family angry

This was probably the worst think you could do to your family. This is the day of the engagement, and this was an engagement that Jagya had agreed to. His future inlaws had arrived in the house and he was missing. The embarrassment that his family showed was incredible, and this would be even more bad since they acknowledge Anandi as a daughter and she had got married to Shiv, so Sanchi’s family was also their daughter’s inlaws. Hence, the absence of Jagdish from the house was even worse. Jagdish is currently shown as confused about his emotions; he has feelings for Ganga but the differences between them is go great that and he has probably not tried to figure out what his feelings are that he is not able to figure the best course of action. So, he did agree to the engagement with Sanchi, while, Sumitra, angry that Ganga was probably the cause for the attack on her son and the family, wants to get Ganga out of the house and to avoid Jagya having any further contact with her.
Finally Sumitra got what she wanted, by getting Ganga sent out of the house, and then Jagya made arrangements for her to do a course in Mangalore, a course that would help her in her nursing future. And the worst possible pressure for Jagya came when Sanchi was determined to ensure that Jagya would not go to Mangalore to drop Ganga. She got the pandit to the set the same date for the engagement as the day on which Ganga was to leave, and then Sumitra applied pressure on Ganga through Dadisa so that she would ensure that Jagdish did not go to leave her. Finally, seeing a determined Ganga, Jagdish had to drop his plans for going to Mangalore, but was very unhappy with Ganga’s attitude and did not speak to her for the next few days.
However, on the day that she was to leave, Jagya was missing her, and saw a toy for Mannu that was there in the house, and promptly left to give this to Mannu. He chased after them on his bike, and finally managed to catch up with them and hand over the toy. There was a lot unsaid when they met, and after that, Ganga became very emotional. On the other side, his family members were also becoming very emotional since his inlaws where already in the house and he was missing. He was also not carrying his phone and hence could not be contacted, which made everybody at home very angry.
Dadisa in particular was very angry, since this concept of not being there when his inlaws arrived was indeed bad manners, and just when they had decided to tell everybody that they were not able to trace Jagya (although it had already been mentioned many times by Daddu that they wanted to see Jagya, and each time somebody said something like that, there was more tension in the house).
After he arrived, Anandi met him and got from him that he had gone to meet Ganga, while Shiv had an even more serious conversation with him, asking him whether he was indeed even sure that he wanted to get married to Sanchi. Jagya told him that he was sure in his decision and this was enough for Shiv, and then the engagement happened.

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