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Hindi TV Serial – Jodha Akbar – Jodha and her brothers arrested

Jodha Akbar is yet another of those historical programs that appear on TV now and then. Since there will always be some interpretations of history, especially of such a famous historical character such as Emperor Akbar, showing a serial on such a character can provoke some controversy from time to time, as was seen when the serial on Jodha Akbar was started (and the serial already had many differences from the movie, with the serial showing Jodha as yet another wife, with the emperor already being married). But otherwise the serial starts on familiar grounds. The Mughal emperor Jalaluddin has had a troubled life so far, having spent his early years on the run as his father tried to win back the throne and kingdom from Sher Shah Suri who had overthrown him. Jalaluddin himself had spent a number of early years fighting, including on the quest to get the various Rajput kings to accept that he was their emperor. If they agreed, they would accept him and in return get to rule their kingdom. If they lost, then they could even lose their life.
As one of these victories, he won over the king of Amer, and there was the thought that the relationship could be strengthened through the marriage of princess Jodha of Amer with the emperor. She was not initally comfortable with this, after all, she was a Hindu princess who was proposed to be married off to the house of the Mughals. However, she set some conditions about ensuring that she did not have to change her religion, and also that she could have her own god’s idols with her (which would be somewhat controversial since Islam prohibits idol worship). The emperor accepted all these conditions, and she moved into the emperor’s harem. And there she came in touch with the politics of the harem. The prime advisor was Mahamanga, who had advised the emperor since he was young, and she was comfortable with her position. At the same time, the current ruler of the harem was the favorite queen of the emperor, Queen Roqana. She does not consider Jodha of any consequence, since she herself is the favorite queen of the emperor. The only thing she wants is to displace Mahamanga and she feels that she can now do this, since she is now pregnant and has a promise from the emperor pending.
And then tragedy strikes. The queen discovers that she has aborted, and some investigations reveal that she had eaten some dhatura, which would cause her to abort her baby. This is horrible, but the emperor is shocked to discover that the dhatura was in the last item that the queen had, which was food in the form of kesar supplied from Amer. This was shocking to the emperor, and the queen also demands punishment for whatever had happened. So, the emperor gives orders for Jodha and her brothers to be arrested and brought to the diwan-e-khas for their trial and punishment. There, the emperor rejects the concept of a formal trial, claiming that he was sure of their guilt and did not want a trial for the same; saying they deserved to be sentenced to death for the same.
Other try to stop him from this, saying that the concept of justice is very important and he has to ensure that the trial that would happen was fair and they should be given every opportunity to proclaim their innocence, but he is very angry. At this, his mother also steps in and claims that she thinks that there was something fishy. After all, everything that the emperor eats is tasted, and the same with his queen, and so how could this and an earlier event happen. She believes that there is somebody who is trying to implicate Jodha in such a conspiracy.

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