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Hindi TV Serial – Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap – Pratap comes home after fight, and his guru goes away

Just a couple of episodes back, there was some amount of confusion. Pratap was asked to prove his capabilities in the fight, when the favorite queen of the Maharaja Udai Singh Bhatiyani has managed to persuade the rana to declare that his successor would be based on the competition happening in the guru’s ashram. The Rana Udai Singh is angry that his queen is trying to manipulate him, but he can never really stand against her wishes and finally make the declaration. This puts a lot of pressure on Pratap, since he has now to prove himself all over again. On the other side, the other son, Shakti is getting more and more angry over the assumption that his elder brother Pratap will be the next rana, and wants to prove his own capabilities to everybody. This is also because he has seen the rana scold his mother many times, everytime she has tried to plead the case of Shakti, and he wants to redeem her honor.
He is also more enthused about all this, since the queen Bhatiyani came to him and asked him to win. Her policy of getting her son to power (who is only an infant right now, and much younger to both Pratap and Shakti) is dependent on first ensuring that Pratap is no longer there as a claimant to the throne; so if Shakti becomes the rana successor, then she will deal with him later (she recognizes that Pratap is incredibly powerful).
However, there is a lot of pressure against Pratap. Even though he has managed to defeat the attempts on his life, Shamaz Khan is still after his life, and wants to ensure that he finally finishes off Pratap. Shamaz Khan has changed many details of his face after a painful treatment and was planning a blast at the site of the competition as a result of which Pratap would get killed. During the competition, Pratap is on the verge of losing to Shakti, but manages to overcome him in a couple of bouts and makes his way, blind-folded towards the flag where the trap by Shamaz Khan has been set. His friend Som has detected something suspicious but is unable to make the guards believe him; finally when he sees a lit spark moving towards the powder, he rushes there and pushes Pratap out of the way but the blast kills Som and many of the guards.
What follows is a quest by Pratap to pursue Shamaz Khan for a long chase where he first manages to kill another collaborator of Shamaz Khan, and then chases him through a procession and finally manages to put him down. His Guru reaches there, but wants Pratap to fight for himself, and finally after some hand to hand fighting, Pratap gets the approval of his Guru and kills him. His father also reaches there, and soon after the crowd takes Pratap back home with slogans for him all over. This ensures that everyone in the palace knows that the succession is all but over, with Shakti and queen Bhatiyani both very angry over what has happened, but unable to do anything.

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