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Hindi TV Serial – Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se – Abhi and Shivani are in a marriage of convenience

This is a new serial, which has moved pretty fast given that the serial only started on August 12th 2013 on Zee TV, playing on weekdays in a prime time, 8:30 PM. The serial replaced the serial Hitler Did which had almost vanished in terms of TRP’s. The serial takes the story of two people who almost got married by accident, without any love or attraction between them, and what happens to them as they move ahead. They have totally different social and economic classes and hence a marriage between them is totally strange.
Shivani is an orphan, who lost her parents in a plane crash when she was young and her grandfather Daduji (Alok Nath) took care of her. They are rich and she has been brought up with a lot of care and affection. For a lot of time, her marriage has been planned with Abhimanyu, her childhood sweetheart; and they have been in love with each for a long time. Their marriage date is now close and Dadu is very happy about what is happening and wants the best for her. She has a servant called Raghu, who is devoted to her and the family. Anything that they want done, they ask Raghu and he will try and ensure that it happens.
However, things start getting problematic for Raghu when he overhears a discussion where he learns that not everything is with Abhimanyu as they thought it would be. Actually, Abhimanyu is totally after her riches, including a plot where there was a plan to setup a school and he wanted to change that instead to setup a hotel. He tries to persuade Shivani that there is something wrong, but she does not agree. However, she hears this later herself and is shocked. However, Abhimanyu learns that she now knows the truth and starts to twists things around. He persuades Dadu that things have now changed, that Shivani is under the influence of Raghu, and to reinforce that, sends a message to Raghu from Shivani’s phone to come to her room at night and then catches them there with Dadu.
Dadu of course is shocked at all this and tells Shivani that unless she gets married within 3 days, all the property will go to a trust, with the trust being run by Abhimanyu, so that in effect, he gets all the property. All this scares her brother Jaswant and his wife Mahima who also have their eyes on the property, and they tell her that the condition did not say that she could not get married to anybody else. So they persuade her to get married to Raghu; Raghu is shocked, he is after all going to be married to somebody else and has never thought of Shivani in that way. But he cannot say no to her, and they get married, totally shocking her grandfather who throws them out of the house. However, Dadu does not hand over the property to Abhimanyu and he was trying to persuade Dadu, and in the meantime, Abhimanyu is plotting to ensure that they get kicked out of whichever hotel they are going to.
Abhimanyu is now getting frustrated, and wants to get rid of Raghu, and even persuades Dadu that hiring a killer to get rid of Raghu is something that they should be doing.

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