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Hindi TV Serial – Qubool Hain – Zoya meets Rajbeer, and then slaps him

The serial is going through some boring times, although some aspects of the drama in the serial has been settled. When it seemed like the marriage between Najma and Imran could cause tension between Ayyan and Asad, it was resolved and they are back to speaking terms. The marriage preparations are happening fairly fast and everybody wants this marriage to happen fast, although the unresolved mystery in the serial is about the relationship between Imran and Tanveer. Imran is the father of the baby inside Tanveer, and she has been blackmailing him for quite some time over this. Imran is terrified that Tanveer will tell everybody, and she is even there at the time when they are getting engaged; scaring Imran so much that he takes a lot of time to actually put the ring on Namja’s fingers. And Zoya notices something strange about the lady in a burqa and her relationship with Imran, and you know that as time moves on, the relationship between Imran and Tanveer will eventually come out in the open or atleast Zoya will find out something.
The serial also takes the story of women’s rights to some extent through the introduction of a character called Rajveer. Zoya had gone for a show (although Asad was not comfortable) and when the show was over, there was no vehicle, no bus, and her own phone was not reachable (with battery problems). As a result, finally a vehicle came on the path and Zoya got into the vehicle which was being driven by Rajveer. He did not do anything bad to her, but after that, he started pursuing her, even coming outside the house late at night. Finally, he started harassing her and even tried locking her up in a room. The idea was that he thought that since she used to wear jeans and was comfortable talking to him, she was easy and he could do what he want. Finally, Zoya caught him in front of everyone and gave him a tight slap and told him off for thinking this about her.
In the meantime, Ayyan was getting frustrated with the attitude that Humeria was having towards him. She could remember when Ayyan had told her that he did not love her and now told him that she did not want him anywhere near her; and he was unable to tell her that he now loved her a lot. This caused a lot of uncomfortable interactions between them and finally Nikhat took matters into her own hand. She sat down with Humeira and told her about how things have changed, how Ayyan really loved her a lot, and how she needed to understand all this. This changed the attitude of Humeira, and she started wooing Ayyan and finally, with the help of Badi bi, she managed to find herself in a closed storeroom with Ayyan and finally they accepted each other. So now things are fine with all, but things are likely to change drastically, since there are a lot of rumors about a marriage between Ayyan and Zoya.

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