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Hindi TV Serial – Devon Ke Dev Mahadev – Ram going into exile, and getting Devi Kali under control

To end the reign of Andhak as a villain who was out to get Devi Parvathi for himself and defeat Lord Shiva, more effort was needed. Since Andhak was another ansh of Shiva, he also had a lot of powers and had also got some incredible powers from Lord Brahma after some heavy prayers. He was very good at being able to locate the presence of another person through his hearing and also got the power that he would not be killed until he himself wanted to see light, effectively meaning that he would not be killed so easily.
So, finally although the serial did not explain how Andhak became the king of the asuras, he took the asura army into battle with Mahadev and the army of the gods. And the battle began. Lord Shiva took out some of the hair from his head and flung it on the ground and created a fearsome warrior who went into battle with Andhak. However, as soon as the blood from Andhak would fall on the ground, a new version of Andhak would come up and soon there were many such Andhaks on the battle field. At this, Mahadev told Devi Parvathi that the darkness and arrogance of Andhak needed somebody more dark, and hence she had to convert to Devi Kali and go out on the battlefield. However, he also knew that this time it would be more difficult to control the Devi once she became the violent Ma Kali, but as of now, she was needed on the battle field.
Finally, Devi Kali would continue with her usual style, spilling blood from the various versions of Andhak and then catching the blood before it feel on the ground, and hence ensuring that these multiple versions of Andhak that were created were done and only the original one remained. And he was now reformed, and Mahadev gave him the gift of eyesight and told him to become better and that was the story of Andhak. However, this time Ma Kali was more difficult to control. Mahadev tried different means of controlling her, but the previous methods did not work, she just went past them. Lord Brahma came to him and told him about the Aghoti method but Mahadev did not want to try that because there will some repercussions of that, but in the end, when nothing else worked, he tried that and finally got Ma Kali under control and back in her original form as Devi Parvathi. In the meantime her sister Ganga had to suffer a lot when Ma Kali walked over the river since her presence had a lot of energy within it that was enough to set trees and other areas on fire as she walked past.
The serial also showed something different, there were these group of black magicians (and surprisingly, one saw Sudesh Berry back on TV after a long time); they were very happy that Ma Kaali was there since they were looking to exploit her energy. Her re-conversion back to Devi Parvathi was not something that was happy for them, but they continued to spill blood since they felt that Ma Kali could return, Devi Parvathi was in a unsettled state. Mahadev also felt the same and was worried for the same.

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