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Hindi TV Serial – Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se – Drama of kidnap is over, Daaju also gets to know truth

The serial so far is moving at a steady pace, moving the story (unlike some other serials that take a long time to move somewhere in the story). Raghu and Shivani are coming closer to each other, although there they don’t fully realize it as yet. They are also realizing that everybody around them is preying on them in some form or the other. Even Raghu’s own father, once he learns that the marriage was only meant to deceive others, and was not a real marriage, is shocked. He was earlier so happy that his son had managed to get such a rich wife; now he decides to plan and somehow ensure that the marriage lasts. To this end, he tells them that they need to escape from there since Daddu had sent goons to hurt them because he had not accepted the marriage and sends them off to a separate hotel.
On the other hand, Daddu had already learnt the truth about Abhimanyu from Golcha and got him kicked out of the house and office. Even though this made Jaswant and Mahima happy that now they would have a chance to get more of the property in their name by manipulating Daddu and Shivani (and they don’t think much of the skills of Raghu either); however, they forget that Abhimanyu was an unreliable partner and had no wish to see them getting the property in their name. And Abhimanyu was not done in his attempt to get the property – he is looking to find where Raghu and Shivani are currently living since he wants to get rid of Raghu and kidnap Shivani in order to get the property in his name (although how Raghu can hand over the property to Abhimanyu when the property has not been handed over to him, he is the name in the will but Daddu is still there to change the will if he wants).
So both Raghu and Shivani are spending some time in a resort and are still very uncomfortable being close to each other; there is a party in the resort where Shivani wants to attend to get a change, and they get dressed for the party. Shivani is very impressed when she sees Raghu formally dressed and sees how handsome he looks. However, Abhimanyu gets to know where they are and sends his men to kidnap them. The men do kidnap Shivani and Raghu also reaches there (and since Abhimanyu knows that it is Raghu in the will, he puts pressure on Shivani so that Raghu will sign), but finally after some fighting, Raghu manages to rescue Shivani from there and then his family reaches there and this part of the danger is over and they are safe for the time being.
Now, Jaswant and Mahima also learn how unreliable Abhimanyu can be, since he is out from all reckoning, he does not want to let them get a share of the property, and then comes to Daddu, and even though the men are told to throw Abhimanyu out, he manages to show Daddu a video he had made which showed how Jaswant and Mahima played their part in getting Raghu and Shivani married as part of their plan and is very angry. When they come there, he slaps Jaswant and tells all staff to ensure that they are never allowed anywhere near the property or house. And then he tells Raghu that he is coming to pick up Shivani; everybody in the house is upset that she is leaving and since she has never been close to any family, she is also feeling sad at all this that is happening. And then Daddu gets a heart attack when he is close.

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