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Big Boss Season 7 – Open politics and conflict

For the past several seasons, there has been a lot of open fighting and verbal abuse between the participants, with the language being such that the serial has been threatened with strictures from the Ministry. So there has been a change, with the participants obviously told to avoid direct harsh verbal fights, and as a result, the politics in the house have been increasing. And so has been the number of apparent love stories, since this also increases the interest of the viewers.
The last week also saw the exit of another low profile participant, Anita Advani, who was pushed out of the house. The house has now 2 main groups inside it, also corresponding to some extent to the love stories that are happening (or are being projected to the viewers) – these being the ones between Kushal and Gauhar on one side, and Tanisha and Armaan on the other side. A lot of people are on the side of Gauhar, these including the husband wife pair of Apoorva and Shilpa, and also Ratan Rajpoot and with the total support of Andy, who is one of the main verbal fighters in the reality show.
On the other side is the budding love story between Tanisha and Armaan, with the others in the group being Kamya Punjabi, and Pratyusha. These 2 groups have been more of less on different sides of the fence between the 2 parts of the house, although one of the highlights about the presence of Jahannum and Jannat inside the house has been the quickness with which people are shunted between the 2 parts of the house. The show has also seen some major conflicts with the rules, with Armaan and Asif leading an attempt to run out of the Jahannum side and steal some water, or jump over to the Jannat side and steal burgers from inside the fridge. In both these cases, they were eventually caught and the final punishment was that the matresses on which they slept were taken away in the time that they were outside of the room. Finally Armaan managed to get Big Boss to restore the matresses to the ladies in Jahannum but only on the condition that somebody spend the night in a cage for which Armaan volunteered. By morning of course, he was irritated like anything and even a smile on Asif’s face was enough to irritate him further.
The biggest conflict happened when there was a transfer between Jahannum and Jannat. Armaan remained in Jahannum, while everybody else with him went to Jannat. However, they were allowed to go the wishing well, where all 3 of them, Tanisha, Pratyusha and Kamya wished for Armaan to come over to Jannat. Big Boss granted this, but with a condition; somebody had to go across to the other side, and these 3 has to decide who it was going to be. They spent quite some time on this, and although Gauhar had suggested that she would be the one to go, the finally decide that Andy would be the one to go to Jahannum from Jannat. He was furious at all this, since he saw that he was being the victim of a conspiracy and went with a lot of bad grace to the other side.

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