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Hindi Serial – Aap Antara – the show ended on Feb 18, 2010 with Abhi finally realizing his mistakes

Aap Ki Anatra was a great show, since this was the first show on autism (something not normally covered on Indian television), and even though they went through a lot of drama (including adding a lot of non-autism related events such as a child born out of marriage, involvement with a criminal, deadly cancer, and […]

Children of lesser Gods find their voice via Antara and Baa Bahu aur Baby

Rarely in Hindi serials do we get to see characters considered by the ‘normal’ population to be ‘abnormal’ or differently able. At times they do put in an appearance either as fringe characters-the comic relief, the dark shadow hidden behind a curtain of lies. Zee TV’s Aap Ki Antara and Star Plus’ Baa Bahoo Aur […]

Aap Ki Antara – going down the sob story line again

The life of an autistic girl with the challenges faced by her family. Aap Ki Antara seemed to be showing positive news, with Antara and Vidya getting closer, and having a specific scene where Antara seems to be coming out of her shell. Vidya is encouraged to start her classical music and singing sessions again, […]

Aapki Antara: Antara picks up singing

The show from time to time shows the disappointments in the life of a parent, who has autistic children, along with the struggle and the hard work. However, it is also shown that autistic children have certain properties that can surprise their parents and others near them. For example, many autistic children have been known […]