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Hindi TV Serial – Adalat – Mistakes shown in the recent episodes of the show

Typically, although the show had a lot of antics in the case, and had mistakes in the legal and judicial system in the show, there were not too many seemingly obvious mistakes. However, recent episodes had some major mistakes that seemed worse than what was possible; maybe they had stopped doing any consultation before releasing […]

Hindi TV Serial – Adalat – The first time that the serial has gone into the concept of reincarnation

Adalat is a serial that is based on the activities of a defense attorney who mostly defends people in murder investigations. The serial has a lot of drama, especially the way that the defense lawyer (known as KD Pathak, who refused to tell the full form of KD) works in court. He flouts many of […]

Hindi TV Serial – Adalat / CID – Ensuring that there is always denial of the paranormal

Sony has a range of crime based serials that occur over the weekends. These can be pretty interesting for the viewers, although some of them seem comical for other viewers. A combination of Adalat, CID, and Crime Reporter all cover crime, with the first 2 being more about fiction, and the Crime Reporter being a […]

Hindi TV Serial – Adalat – The story of the Indian lawyer who is always successful

Typically, the hero in serials is a guy who is totally honest, dedicated to his values, and overall a very good guy. However, when you make a lawyer as the hero, who needs to defend his clients, defeat a tight case from the prosecution side, and overall be successful, then the lawyer will need to […]