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Hindi TV Serial – Baat Hamari Pakki – Shravan in deep trouble, since his father found out about the contract

In the serial, Baat Hamari Pakki, the show is going through some strange times. The serial depicted Shravan as being the reluctant guy to marry Saanchi, making her sign a contract that limits the time of the marriage, because he wanted to actually get married to his girlfriend. However, Saanchi was not very happy with […]

Hindi TV Serial – Baat Hamari Pakki – Shravan wants a divorce from Saachi, but there is the 25 lakh demand

In Baat Hamari Pakki hain, after a long period in which people would come to see Saachi but nothing seemed to be clicking, she finally found somebody called Shravan, who seemed to be a perfect person for her. However, even in this story, there is a twist. Shravan has no interest in Saachi, instead he […]

Hindi TV Serial – Baat Hamari Pakki Hain – A new serial on Sony TV about the search for a groom

The search for a groom is one of the biggest events in the life of a girl in rural and semi-urban India (now becoming less so in urban India, especially the metros). It can be humiliating for a girl to go through this hunt, especially since she is supposed to remain submissive and quiet during […]