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Ballika Vadhu – Jagya decides to finally take the plunge with Ganga, family cut off

Things are moving at a frantic pace with the serial. Jagya, after hearing what Sanchi had to say to her friends, decides that there is no way that she will fit in the Singh household and decides to break the alliance. However, he wants to take the blame on himself and tells that he has […]

Hindi TV Serial – Ballika Vadhu – Jagya goes missing when he goes to meet Ganga, family angry

This was probably the worst think you could do to your family. This is the day of the engagement, and this was an engagement that Jagya had agreed to. His future inlaws had arrived in the house and he was missing. The embarrassment that his family showed was incredible, and this would be even more […]

Hindi TV Serial – Ballika Vadhu – Ganga helps deliver the baby, Sumitra getting hyper

The serial is getting towards another decision point. Ever since Sanchi had been to the haveli and had a lot of time to show herself as the perfect Indian bride, she had managed to form a bond with Sumitra. Further, conscious that Ganga was there in the house, Sanchi had managed to put the seeds […]

Hindi TV Serial – Ballika Vadhu – Finally Ratan Singh’s reign of terror ended

The serial showed the most danger ever to strike at the Singh household, with Ratan Singh determined to get back his son from Ganga, and also, since he has just come out jail, leave no witnesses for this crime. So, at a time when Jagya’s family had to go for the wedding of the family […]