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Hindi TV Serials – Bhagyavidhaata – Time for a long leap, 15 years or more

Most serials in the Indian Hindi TV industry start planning for a leap when they see viewer attention flagging, and need to bring in some fresh blood and some changes to the storyline. Bhagyavidhaata, which started as a serial that showcases the challenges faced due to the situation in Bihar where eligible bachelors are kidnapped […]

Hindi TV Serial – Bhagyavidhata on Colors – Raja and Rekha in trouble and running, and then Rekha loses her baby

Raja and Rekha are in trouble, all due to the actions of Punpunwali who is trying to implicate him. They land up in trouble, and start running away from Praful, but get caught up by them. Raja gets caught while Rekha manages to run away, but in the running away, she falls and like any […]

Bindiya Chastises Vinay for all his pretence!

Bindiya speaks out against Vinay for the first time. Bravo girl! It is indeed heartening to see women dismantling the pedestal meant for their husbands to stand on and rule from. For long women have been at the receiving end of unfair often inhuman treatment from men-be it their fathers, brothers, husbands, sons or other […]

Good times ahead for Bindiya ?” – Bhagyavidhata (Colors)

Things are finally looking up for Bindiya, female lead of Bhagyavidhata (Colors). Married off to her husband (Vinay) at gun point, she has been at the receiving of his hatred. Initially the rest of the family too were against her. They refused to accept her and she was made to sleep in the cowshed. Bindiya […]