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Hindi TV Serials – Bidaai – Sadhana dead, and the serial now jumps 7 years ahead

In the pretty popular serial, Bidaai, on Star Plus, things suddenly seem to have gone into fast action. If you consider the movements of the past 2-3 weeks, everything seems to have been accelerated. After the resolution of the illegitimate son of Inderjeet, things were fast forwarded. Everybody seemed to be happy, both Sadhana and […]

Hindi TV Serial – Bidaai on Star Plus – Everything seems to be going fine, but .. dark forebodings

On Bidaai on Star Plus, everything seems to be going fine. Even the drama about the illegitimate son of Inderjeet finally blew over. The son came, threatened, put them in some difficult situations, and when Vasu got to know, she was also somewhat angry, but then suddenly the makers of the serial decided to make […]

Hindi TV Serial – Sapna Babul Ka .. Bidai – Finally the reconciliation between Sadhana and Vasu, after Sadhana saves Vasu

Typically reconciliations between people who are separated from each other comes only through some major events. In the case of the serial Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai, there is a huge gap between Vasu and Sadhana. Vasu always wanted the best for her sons, and for her, whatever she wanted was what needed to happen, and […]

Hindi TV serial – Bidaai – Vasu pretends to be severely sick, but Alekh gets to know the truth

Written update: Ever since Alekh got to know the truth about Vasu’s hand in trying to force his divorce with Sadhana, he had left the house. This action of Alekh had hurt the ego of Vasu so much that she had proclaimed that since Alekh did not know anything much on his own, and had […]