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Hindi TV Serial – Pavitra Rishta – Prolonging the issue between Manav and Archana

Sometimes one is sympathetic to the writers of Hindi serials. In the case of Pavitra Rishta, there must be a lot of pressure to ensure that the serial goes on and on, and which is why the serial is taking so much to get to the point. The 18 year gap between Manav leaving to […]

Hindi TV Serial – Big Boss 4 – Ali Merchant and Sara marriage on the sets – was it a drama ?

Bigg Boss is a popular reality serial, and it is now on the 4th version in the Indian Hindi Serial industry. The appeal of the serial is in the voyeuristic tendencies of people, a chance to see the lives of people, and more so when there is a lot of controversy and protests going on; […]

Hindi TV Serial – Baat Hamari Pakki – Shravan wants a divorce from Saachi, but there is the 25 lakh demand

In Baat Hamari Pakki hain, after a long period in which people would come to see Saachi but nothing seemed to be clicking, she finally found somebody called Shravan, who seemed to be a perfect person for her. However, even in this story, there is a twist. Shravan has no interest in Saachi, instead he […]

Hindi TV Serials – Pavitra Rishta – Varsha in trouble after Ashwin tells lies as his version of the truth

Ajit and his mother Rasika Tai finally get their revenge to some degree. The truth that Varsha and her family were trying to hide for quite some time finally came out. It was pretty clear that they should have told the truth before it came out, and when finally it came out, there was a […]