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Hindi TV Serial – Punar Vivah – Yash to get married again, part of condition for Ansh release

The serial has made a huge twist, with the kidnapping of Ansh by Prashant, since he wanted to get Aarti and Ansh away from Yash. But the death of Prashant did not yield Ansh, and instead the pursuing Yash and Aarti just missed him at the hotel. Instead, we were treated to the presence of […]

Hindi TV Serial – Balika Vadhi – Sakranti and also Jagya takes Ganga to hospital

The serial has been moving a bit slowly for some time now, concentrating on the kite flying and other events on the occasion of Sakranti, a big festival. Anandi managed to prevent annoyance and disappointment at both sets of relatives, by doing Sakranti celebrations at both sets of relatives. First, in the morning and afternoon, […]

Hindi TV Serial – Punar Vivah – Threat to kill Ansh if Yash and Aarti do not get divorced

The drama regarding the kidnapping of Ansh has not yet finished. Even though Prashant died in the fight with Yash, Ansh was not yet to be found. The situation is getting very traumatic for Aarti and Yash, but they are unable to find Ansh. To some extent, Yash suspects that his father is the one […]

Hindi TV Serial – Punar Vivah – Ansh kidnapped by Prashant after court case

The serial suddenly has become much more complex. Till some weeks back, there was no mention of Prashanth in the serial, and now suddenly, he became the main character in the serial, making the life of Aarti hell. Initially he comes in for treatment for cancer and is not sure whether he will survive or […]