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Hindi TV Serial – Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha – After Megha agrees to marry him, Mohan to marry somebody else

This was an incredibly bad twist in the serial, something which is going to get a lot of viewers frustrated and angry. The show, while taking on a mature story, never got into the real serious stuff shown in other saas-bahu serials, keeping a lighter focus on even serious matters. However, the latest twist in […]

Hindi TV Serial – Parichay – Rohit is alive, and now Siddhi has to prove this and get Kunal free

For some reason, the serial primarily seems to be focused on the conflict between Kunal’s family and the Thakral. Now, pappa Thakral feels that he is better than Kunal, and hence there will always be a conflict between them. But the situation is more tricky for the next generation, since beti Thakral (Richa) is passionate […]

Hindi TV Serial – Balika Vadhu – Gauri loses her child, weirdly Jagya blames Anandi for this

The serial keeps on showing twists and turns, even confusing the viewers. The story of Jagya takes too many twists and turns, with sometimes him shown to be more towards his family, and sometimes strongly towards Gauri. So, for example, things have been twisting in the last few episodes. With Badi Masi in a weak […]

Hindi TV Serial – Parichay – The turnaround in court, Richa’s guilt shown up and Kunal proved innocent

For some time now, the serial has been doing the story of Richa’s case on Kunal for attempted rape, and with all the attempts being made by Kunal and Siddhi to present some sort of proof against Richa being destroyed or thwarted by Richa or by Rohit. However, after the kidnapping, things became much worse, […]