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Hindi TV Serial – Diya Aur Bati Hum – The contest in Singapore and language issues

So, Suraj cleared the first part of the cookery contest in Delhi and has now been cleared to attend the international finals in Singapore. And for this, he can take 3 more people along – these being Sandhya, Bhabho and Bhabhasa. The problematic part is that except for Sandhya, none of them know English and […]

Hindi TV Serial – Diya Aur Bati Hum – Suraj and Sandhya heading to Delhi for the cooking competition

Some change in the serial, there will be some time when there will be more of Suraj and Sandhya and less of the politics of the household. For the past several days, ever since there was the news of a cooking contest and Sandhya inspired Suraj to take part in the contest, the happenings in […]

Khana Khazana: Master chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor is a very famous chef now, running his own chain of restaurants; he is the closest India has to having a master-chef. One of the main instruments in making that happen is the weekly cooking show called Khana Khazana on Zee TV on Sunday (I believe that it appears at 12:30 in the […]