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Hindi TV Serial – Sasural Simar Ka – Roli dead in hospital ?

The serial has been showing the same kind of situations and same kind of villains for some time now. They defeat Veeru, he comes back again, they do it again, and he comes back again. And Khushi is now with them even though she continues to act against them and as a villain. In fact, […]

Hindi TV Serial – Saathiya – Gopi trying to tell Kokila the truth about what happened in hospital

The attempt by Urmila to know the sex of the twins that are there in Rashi’s womb back-fired badly. Urmila wanted to ensure that they were sons so that Rashi would have a high position in the house (the serial did not mention about what would happen if they were girls, since I don’t believe […]

Hindi TV Serial – Qubool Hain – Conflict in the families as Asad gets his father sent to jail

The serial is getting a more complex story, although one advantage of the story is that it does not meander as much as other serials. The scenes move fast, and do not spend a lot of time in a particular situation, showing them ending and something new happening (much faster than the all time slow […]

Hindi TV Serial – Sasural Simar Ka – They defeat Veeru, but bullet hits Simar

For a long time now, the serial has been showing an effort to save the property of the Bhardwaj family that was looted by Khushi, with Veeru supporting her. Khushi spared no effort to humiliate the family, making them do household work, holding parties in the house, renaming the sweet shop, and so on. Roli […]