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Hindi TV Serial – Dil Mil Gaye – Armaan and Riddhima getting together again

Dil Mil Gaye is reaching an end, with the story about Riddhima and Sid having come to an end. The serial started with Armaan not there in the picture, and moved towards the 2 Doctors of Sid and Riddhima being separate from each other, although Sid did like Dr. Riddhima; she was not particularly fond […]

Hindi TV Serial – Dil Mil Gaye – Back to square one, Armaan and Riddhima feeling for each other

Dil Mil Gaye has suddenly started turning boring, with the story taking a strange twist. For some time now, the serial has been showing the sudden and non-loving marriage of Riddhima and Sid slowly starting to move along. Both of them decide that they want to take this relationship ahead, and slowly start to feel […]

Hindi TV Serial – Dil Mil Gaye – Siddharth and Riddhima moving closer together, while Shilpa getting closer to Armaan

Dil Mil Gaye is living up to the name of the serial, where couples are getting closed together. So, you have the troubled duo of Siddharth and Riddhima getting closed together, agreeing to live together, and getting more comfortable with the idea of a physical relationship between them. At the same time, ever since Dr. […]

Hindi TV Serial – Dil Mil Gaye – Riddhima still with Siddharth, even though Armaan tries to get her back

The serial Dil Mil Gaye on Star One seems to be going through a patch where everything is shown as happening in slow motion. So for the last many episodes (in fact weeks), it has been clear that there is a triangle in the serial (with the married pair of Riddhima and Siddharth, and then […]