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Hindi TV Serial – Do Hanso Ka Joda – How Preeti is moving closer to her husband Surya Kamal

Do Hanso ka Joda is a show on Imagine TV that looked it was based on the hit Shahrukh movie – Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. After all, you had a character who was a plain person, spectacled, and even looked like the character in the movie. And he gets married to a girl who […]

Do Hanso Ka Joda – Reaffirming the stereotype of the ‘good boy’!

The process of image building and image sustenance is a part of modern day entertainment media. Advertisements, films, serials, and public relations-all these businesses are in the business of creating stereotypes of images, institutions and characters. Suryakamal’s entire ‘look’ for the character of a ‘good’ boy reaffirms this fact. He is dressed in monochrome colours […]

Is Suryakamal Preeti’s Mr. Right? – Do Hanso Ka Joda on NDTV Imagine

Do opposites really attract or is it a myth that has been propagated by society so as to keep diverse personalities together? In the natural world, we all know that like poles repel and unlike poles attract each other. But is it fair to assume the same of human emotions? NDTV Imagine’s Do Hanso Ja […]