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Hindi TV Serial – Geet – Discord between the newly married couples – Geet worried

There is a lot of news about how the show is soon going to end, and this news has been in the air now for quite a few months, with no confirmation. The latest thread about this talks about December being the latest timeframe in which the show will end. This is probably why the […]

Hindi TV Serial – Geet – Marriage between Dev and Nandini happens

The serial has got into a bit of a strange pattern for the last few episodes. The pattern of the serial was that there would be some major issue, and then it would start getting resolved through some planning and cunning. However, after the issue of Nayantara got resolved with her getting exposed and taken […]

Hindi TV Serial – Geet – Drama in the house, Mann forgets his memory, and Nayantara upto all sorts of trouble

Geet is going through a lot of drama in the serial, both outside and inside the serial. So, outside the serial, there was a lot of drama about whether the serial will end in October, or whether the serial will continue in a twist where both Mann and Geet with die and then be reincarnated. […]

Hindi TV Serial – Geet – The property is taken away from Mann, the culprit being Dev’s mother

After the entire drama with Geet’s biji where finally Mann, Dev and Geet convince Biji that Mann is on the right side, and that the person coming to marry Nandini, Daman, was not a right character; things are back to normal. However, the next threat turns tricky since the promos started showing that Mann seems […]