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Hindi TV Serial – Jyoti – Finally Jyoti understands that she wants to be with Kabir only, while Pankaj realizes that he will do anything for the child

In Jyoti, there are 2 separate tracks going on with the 2 men in Jyoti’s life, one being Pankaj who kicked her out of his life and refused to accept that the child she was carrying was his. And as a part of this, he has now learnt from Brij that whatever he had learnt […]

Hindi TV Serial – Jyoti – How can everything suddenly turn good all of a sudden

Jyoti suddenly saw a major transformation. Till now, the people in the house were looking at her with some amount of criticism again (except for her father who always supports her); however, her condition in terms of pregnancy suddenly turned bad and she had to be rushed to the hospital. At that point, except probably […]

Hindi TV Serial – Jyoti – Brij sick, wants forgiveness and chance to get together with his baby; Deeptu to continue with his job

Jyoti is a strong personality, but there are always issues where she is getting in conflict with her family members, except for her father KK, who believes that Jyoti will always do right. However, the other family members are again somewhat hesitant with what Jyoti is doing. For example, her friend Kabir had earned some […]

Hindi TV Serial – Jyoti on Imagine TV – Kabir saves Sushma’s life and gets a much better reaction in the house

The last time Kabir was with Jyoti, there was widespread opposition within the Sharma household to him, especially since because of the curfew, Jyoti was out the whole night with Kabir; as a result, Kabir had to listen to things from various people in the Sharma household, and even Jyoti had somewhat cooled off on […]