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Hindi TV Serial – Kuch To Log Kahenge – Nidhi and Ashutosh have a tiff and are separate for now

As usual, there are ego clashes between the 2, where Dr. Ashutosh is not able to understand the feelings that Nidhi has towards Mallika, while Nidhi is not able to understand why her husband cannot feel what she is feeling. So, when Dr. Mallika is found in an unstable condition and Ashutosh cares for her, […]

Hindi TV Serial – Kya Hua Tera Vaada – Becoming somewhat farcial

The serial moves between the serious and the stupid / comical. You have a serial that is pushed on a very serious issue, whereby a man is seduced and walks off from a decade old relationship with his wife, and at the end, does not feel the least bit wrong about it, and even blames […]

Hindi TV Serial – Kuch To Log Kahenge – The accident of Dr.Ashutosh and Nidhi trying to find him

The serial is proving popular with the character of Dr. Ashutosh, a leading doctor of the city, being played by Mohnish Behl, proving to be very popular. However, in recent times, Mohnish Behl needed to take a medical break from the serial, and thus they needed to remove him from the serial and replace him […]