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Hindi TV Serial – Devon Ke Dev Mahadev – Parvati trying to get Mahadev to agree to marry her

Mythological serials are pretty popular on Indian television. When Ramayan and Mahabharta used to come on Doordarshan decades back, it used to be that India used to come to a standstill and the Government would ensure that there was no power cuts during that time, else there would be rioting. Even now, with so many […]

Hindi TV Serial – Saubhagyavati Bhava – Will Viraj accept that Jahnvi is dead

You have seen a couple of movies on the same subject (so far), with one movie being Agni Sakshi (in turn being based on an American movie, Sleeping with the Enemy). The concept is of a lady being tortured by her husband, not being able to do much about it, other than bearing it for […]

Hindi TV Serial – Saubhagyavati Bhava – The story of an abusive husband, who seems ideal outside

Abuse in a marriage is something that happens much more frequently in conservative societies, such as India or in Islamic countries of the Middle east. In such countries, the amount of freedom available to women or ladies is much lower and the husband feels that the woman is more under his control. And as a […]