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Hindi TV Serial – Parichay – Siddhi injured in the face, does not want to face Kunal

This must be the second or third time that something major has happened to separate Kunal and Siddhi, and then they come together, and then you wonder, that this cannot be right. How can the serial show Siddhi and Kunal together; it seems to be that as soon as they are shown together, the makers […]

Hindi TV Serial – Parichay – Siddhi injured in a blast

The serial has been reporting lower TRP’s for some time now, and it seems to have taken a shock very recently. The actress playing Siddhi on the serial (Keerti) got injured in an accident in Mumbai and suffered injuries to her body and to her face (she was in an auto-rickshaw which got over-turned), and […]

Hindi TV Serial – Parichay – Court order for Siddhi and Anands to stay with Kunal

The story sweeps round and round, seems like a circle. Basic problem: Other people manipulate the situation, Siddhi tries to solve everything on her own but she ends up being seen as the wrong person, criticized by everyone and is not able to (or does not want to) explain the situation properly. Kunal is shown […]

Hindi TV Serial – Parichay – Wedding of Siddhi with Abhay, under force

As usual, the serial goes through more twists and turns, and the twists and turns in turn make the story more painful and more complicated. The problems that these people go through is much more complicated than people all around you. The life of Siddhi and Kunal is shown to be much more complicated, with […]