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Hindi TV Serial – Pratigya – Shakti goes after Pratigya, but Samar harmed

The serial continues to show drama between the members of the house, and with villains like this in the house, who needs to have enemies outside the house. So it is in this case, where Shakti keeps on plotting against Krishna and Pratigya, and even against his own father when he believes that his father […]

Hindi TV Serial – Pratigya – Bitter rivalry between Krishna and Shakti

The serial shows an on and off rivalry between the brothers, and most of the time, there is always tension between Krishna and Shakti, with Shakti feeling that his younger brother getting the attention of their father Sajjan Singh and would eventually get the benefit of the wealth that Sajjan Singh already has. In fact, […]

Hindi TV Serial – Pratigya – Abhishek in the haveli for his rights, against the family

After the court case where Tanmay was finally accused of the murder of Adarsh, and Krishna was left out, there was the unfinished business about why Abhishek was willing to do anything to make sure that Krishna remained accused of the crime, and be convicted. However, Pratigya played a key role in getting Krishna off […]

Hindi TV Serial – Pratigya – Tanmay finally admits his guilt in court

The court case has been ongoing now, with a shocker in the end when Krishna was convicted of the crime. However, based on the ongoing investigation where Adarsh’s phone was located in the house, located with Tanmay, the investigation was given a fresh boost and the case was re-opened (however, not being a lawyer, I […]