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Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Ka Dard Hai…Meetha Meetha – Nanu dead, his will throws up a surprise

Mukesh Khanna had a great presence on TV and even his role in the serial showed a man who wanted his family together, but did not take decisive action many times when he saw something that disturbed him. So, in the initial stages of the serial, his daughter and her husband had separated, but he […]

Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Ka Dard Hai…Meetha Meetha – Finally it is revealed that Adi was the one responsible

The serial has been going through a different track for the past some weeks. When everything seemed to be fine after Anuj decided to go against whatever Sheila and Rubel wanted, and decided to give much more weightage to Adi and Avantika in the family property as well as in the building of the hospital […]

Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Ka Dard Hai…Meetha Meetha – Anuj realizing that his son is no good

They are 4 cunning people – Anuj, Rubel, Sheela and Latika. Out of these 4, Anuj is shown to be the least cunning but also under the influence of his wife and son. However, in recent times, he has started realizing that his son is no good, and this is not only towards the business, […]

Hindi TV Serial – Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha – Finally Adi learns about Pankhuri’s caretaker job

For quite some time now, Pankuri has been working in the Diwan mansion as a caretaker. She wants to ensure that there is some body who can take care of Nanaji, and also that there is some reform in the way that Rubel and Sheila operate. Once, when they are having a party for Anuj’s […]