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Hindi TV Serial – Qubool Hain – Zoya meets Rajbeer, and then slaps him

The serial is going through some boring times, although some aspects of the drama in the serial has been settled. When it seemed like the marriage between Najma and Imran could cause tension between Ayyan and Asad, it was resolved and they are back to speaking terms. The marriage preparations are happening fairly fast and […]

Hindi TV Serial – Qubool Hain – Finally the truth about Tanveer is revealed

The serial is now leaving its viewers very frustrated. How long can you make the same story go round and round, and the story of Asad, Tanveer, and Zoya keeps on going round and round. Tanveer wants to marry Asad, and Zoya also wants to marry Asad, and Asad wants to marry Zoya, but Tanveer […]

Hindi TV Serial – Qubool Hain – Asad declares his intention to marry Tanveer

The story goes on and on. One wonders when the story of Tanveer will get completed, will there be anything left in the serial. After all, just like other hindi serials, there are primarily 2 villains in the serial, Tanveer and Razia, and both of them keep on doing stuff and sometimes get caught, but […]

Hindi TV Serial – Qubool Hain – Zoya pushed off the cliff but is saved by divine intervention

A cat apparently has 9 lives, and in the case of the serial, Zoya seems to fill that condition. She has been regularly attacked by Tanveer, but survives each time. Earlier occasions was when Zoya did not know what Tanveer upto, but later she figured out that Tanveer was upto no good in her quest […]