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Hindi TV Serial – Pavitra Rishta – The drama surrounding the action of the Karanjkar house

The serial is going through another of those high drama moments. There is an impending auction of the Karanjkar house, because of which all the members of the family are traumatized. Sulochna had earlier forbidden Manav to try to buy the house back, but later, when Manav persisted in this effort, Sulochana agreed to let […]

Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – Veer in deep trouble, arrested for charges of rape and assault of Saanchi

All the efforts of Ichcha and Tapu to save Veer from the machinations of Satya and Saanchi have failed for now. Both Ichcha and Tapu had found out about the fact that Satya and Saanchi wanted to trick Veer, and Ichcha tried warning Veer. However, Veer refused to believe that anything was wrong, and started […]

Hindi TV Serial – Bandini – The Mahabharat in Dharamraj’s family

After the 16 year transition, things have changed a lot in Bandini. It is becoming more like the saas-bahu serials with the same amount of intrigue and fighting inside a family as used to happen in the past. The transition has resulted in a new set of enemies from the new generation, including those who […]

Hindi TV Serial – Na Aana Is Des Ladoo – Sia suffering from the acts taken by Ammaji

The serial is going through a state of confrontation. The serial also some change in the relationships in the house, where there was a state of confrontation between Sunheri and Ganjendra. Sunheri had always supported Gajji in all his machinations, but she saw his bad side when he was under prosecution for the rape and […]