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Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani – Dipannita in jail and in danger

For some time now, there serial has been showing a deep conflict between the two families, the Khuranas (werewolves) and the Raichands (vampires), with the concept being that vampires and werewolves being traditional and historic enemies who cannot stand to see each other. By now, the Raichands are also aware that it is the Khuranas […]

Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani – Fight between Abhay and Dipannita after Dipannita attacks Haseena

There is a huge amount of rivalry between the Khuranas and the Raichands, which is also because they are two of the most prominent families in Dehra Dun, but this is actually more so because of their true nature. Dipannita and family are werewolves, humans who can turn into wolves (more so when the moon […]

Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – Veer in deep trouble, arrested for charges of rape and assault of Saanchi

All the efforts of Ichcha and Tapu to save Veer from the machinations of Satya and Saanchi have failed for now. Both Ichcha and Tapu had found out about the fact that Satya and Saanchi wanted to trick Veer, and Ichcha tried warning Veer. However, Veer refused to believe that anything was wrong, and started […]

Hindi TV Serials – Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani – Lot of drama, Siddharth trying to make several moves, being foiled

The serial seems to be moving at a fairly fast speed, with the interactions between the 2 main competing characters deciding a lot of the action that is happening in the serial. The 2 main characters on the serial are Abhay and Siddharth, who were originally brothers when they were human, and both of them […]