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Hindi TV Serial – Saathiya – Separation between Ahem and Gopi after some harsh words by Ahem

The happenings in the serial seem somewhat strange. Due to a time when Ahem had bhang, he had sex with Gopi and as a result, because of that one encounter, Gopi is pregnant. The family is very happy since none of them expected this to happen, being unsure of the true nature of the relationship […]

Hindi tv serial – Diya aur bati hum – Finally Sandhya is exposing the truth to Bhabho

For quite some time, the relations between Bhabho and Sandhya have been poisoned with the belief by Bhabho that Sandhya was responsible for the police complaint of harassment that got Bhabho jailed. Even though now the relations between Bhabho and Sandhya are not so heavily strained, there are still a lot of issues in the […]

Hindi TV Serial – Punar Vivah – Marriage between Yash and Aarti, is it over ?

It is always so horrible when shows start on an interesting nature and then before people can get used to the interesting subject being continued in the serial, the makers of the serial put the traditional stuff that is used to increase the time period of serials and keep them ongoing (but nowadays, it is […]

Hindi TV Serial – Saathiya – Rashi trying to create differences between Hetal and Kokila

The serial seems to be working through something similar to what happened a few weeks back, when Rashi was kicked out of the house and was taken back with great difficulty, and the same thing seems to be happening now. For some time Rashi stayed away from her mother Urmila, since it was her mother […]