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Hindi TV Serial – Saas Bin Sasural – Will Kia finally get exposed

The 8-11 slot is the one that is most wanted by serials, just for the number of people who are able to watch it. Serials who get a slot in these time slots enjoy increased viewership. Also making a big difference is the stability of the time slot. If the time slot of a serial […]

Hindi TV Serial – Saas Bin Sasural – Kia starting to already hate the married life

So, the marriage has happened for Ved, and this was a long awaited marriage. However, it was not the marriage that everyone was looking for. He finally got pressured to marry Kia rather than Nitika (whom he was in love with), just because of the pressure put on him by his father, Chedi. Everybody else […]

Hindi TV Serial – Saas Bin Sasural – Tragedy for Nitika, since Ved marries Kiya

The serial has gone through a lot of drama in the past, with the arrival of Kia. When Pitaji was away, Ved had finally agreed to marry Nitika, something that was a bit difficult because Ved refused to reconcile himself to the thought that he was in love with somebody, but finally decided to marry […]

Hindi TV Serial – Saas Bin Sasural – Toasty and Malti to try and resolve some tensions

The show keeps on getting in a mode where there is tension between the brothers, and then time is spent in trying to resolving such issues. One major issue was resolved where Malti was brought into the house by resolving the tension between her and Pashu, and objections of others was resolved to some degree […]