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Arjun kills Yashoda – High drama expected from Swarg

The mother son bond is one of the most revered of all human relations. Revered in myths, worshiped in folklore, deconstructed in high literature and stereotyped in pulp fiction; the image of the mother figure has not lost its hold on human psyche. Hindi serials too have not been left behind in throwing up immensely […]

The plot thickens in Swarg as it is Team Shubh v/s Team Arjun-Lolita now !

A lot has been happening in the lives of all the characters of Maat Pitah Ke Charno Mein- Swarg, First we get to know that Suhani, wife to Shubh is not really dead. She is being held hostage by Madhukar who intends to use her as a trump card against Arjun and Lolita. Ansh, who […]