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Hindi Movie – Kati Patang (Rajesh Khanna, Asha Parekh) – Released in 1970

In the space of a few years, the late Rajesh Khanna became a superstar, enjoying a level of adulation that is difficult to achieve for anybody after him (even the level of success of Amitabh Bachchan soon after him did not reach the amount of crazed fandom that Rajesh Khanna achieved), giving a consecutive […]

Hindi TV Reality Serials – Truth Love Cash – earn money as a couple, but tasks are tough and there are temptations

I was switching channels one day, and came across this very interesting reality contests. In most of the boring reality contests, there is things such as dance contests, singing contests, swayamwar and family contests, and so on. And then there are the more controversial (read as more appealing to a younger generation) reality shows on […]

Hindi TV Serial – Bandini – Santo in serious trouble, believed to have got into another relationship

Like any other serial, Bandini also believes in subjecting its chief character to multiple problems, to various character assassinations, and other problems; this ensures that people loving drama remain interested, and also that getting characters out of this drama can ensure long series of episodes of multiple weeks each. And so is the case with […]

Hindi TV Serials – Long running music talent program – new season of Indian Idol on Sony TV

Indian Idol is a long running serial on Sony TV, now running on the 5th edition (the show itself being modeled on a popular American serial of the same type and format). The concept of the show is fairly simple; people from all over the country can apply to showcase their talent (and by now, […]