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Hindi TV Serial – Pratigya – Shakti pushes everybody out of the house, citing his ownership

So, the scene finally happened. Shakti was successful in his attempts, and he cited the papers that he got Sajjan Singh to sign through deceit, and then told Sajjan Singh that this was now Shakti Niwas, it all belonged to him, and turned all of them out of the house. One thinks that they have […]

Hindi TV Serial – Maryada Lekin Kab Tak – Devyani finally launched divorce proceedings

The show has shown the distances between Brahmanand and his wife Devyani growing over a period of time. This increased when Devyani got to know about the relationship that her husband has formed with her own sister Uttara. She is also very angry at Uttara over what has happened, and cannot understand how Uttara would […]

Hindi TV Serial – Looteri Dulhan – Cheating people on a regular basis, by marring them and deserting them

Once in a while, you hear the story of a person who has cheated some gullible men by marring them and then decamping with their valuables. This is contrary to the story where women are cheated and tormented in their marriage. The story revolves around this girl Billo, from a Haryana family, who is part […]