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Hindi TV Serial – Big Boss 6 – More contestants out of the house

Bigg Boss (or Big Boss as most of us would pronounce it) has seen some pretty nasty previous seasons, with a lot of intrigue, incredible number of fights happening (some of which do not make much sense to those watching, which leads to the feeling that some of them were inspired by the channel in […]

Hindi TV Serial – Diya Aur Bati Hum – Suraj back after successfully participating in World Top Cook

The show decided to send the family abroad, and which would also give the viewers a look at an international city; and so initially when Sandhya proposed that Suraj take part in a cooking contest, there was hesitation. Suraj himself was not convinced, but over a period of time, everybody agreed. And then Suraj won […]

Hindi TV Serial – Jhalak Dikhla Jaa – Getting stars to participate in a dancing competition

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa is now a famous dancing competition, showcasing the dancing prowess of many non-dancing stars. Imagine a cricket star or a cook dancing, you know it is awkward and it will not be as good as somebody who does a lot of dancing. But if such a person has to dance, then the […]

Hindi TV Serial – Big Boss 5 – Juhi Parmar wins the finale of the Big Boss Season 5

This year’s big boss was indeed a spectacle; a lot of people I knew stopped watching it because of the high amount of fights that happened on the show all the time. If the objective of the makers of the serial was to show the possible amount of fights and controversy that could happen, then […]