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Hindi TV Serial – Amita Ka Amit – Amita forced to apologize to Rohan for doubting him ..

Amita is fully doubting the role of Rohan in the problems that are happening, suspecting that he is providing information to Wise Investments, which is a rival company. And she has no proof, and so has to gather proof, and starts out on her investigating mission. However, she still has to learn this art of […]

Hindi TV Serial – Diya Aur Bati Hum – More twists in the serial with Mohit and Emily

The serial is planning to take its viewers through more twists and turns; now, even though they do show most of the conservative elements of Indian society in some way, the serial does show changes brought forward in this society due to education, and due to sheer persistence. The serial has been criticized in some […]

Hindi TV Serial – Diya Aur Bati Hum – Sandhya reveals the truth behind the Swami

The serial keeps on showing the evolution in the life of an educated girl with values who is living in a more conservative household in a conservative society. The pressures in her life, the struggle to try and increase the level of education, to become more progressive is shown in the serial. Sometimes the serial […]

Hindi TV Serial – Saathiya – More drama in the house as Rashi under pressure

Saathiya is a never ending quest of the problems caused by Rashi (orchestrated by her mother Urmila) in order for Rashi to gain an upper hand in the household, or for some other reason, and the problems that arise when such items are exposed. So, Rashi is already struggling with the issue about her son […]