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Hindi TV Serial – Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon – Madhu all ready to sign on the divorce papers

Twists and more twists. One cannot understand as to how long the serial will draw out the story. Ever since there was a face off between Sultan and RK near the edge of a cliff, in which RK shot Sultan, RK has been in trouble ever since. He was arrested by the police for the […]

Hindi TV Serial – Pavitra Rishta – DK in hospital

Many serial makers, especially Balaji Telefilms, have a major arrow in their quiver to take care of when the story is dragging or the serial is losing TRP’s. They decide to make the serial go through time leaps, sometimes as large as 15-20 years. In these cases, the characters get aged, others are made to […]

Hindi TV Serial – Qubool Hain – Zoya finally reverses her plan to leave, after she hears Asad

The serial is going through a lot of complications, with multiple stories ongoing. There is still some tension between Asad and Ayyan, ever since Ayyan used money to Rashid out of prison and free of the charges against him. What caused further problems was the statement by the police inspector that the charges were made […]

Hindi TV Serial – Qubool Hain – Tussle between Asad and Rashid does not end

The serial is now continuing on the same story for quite some time. The story of the burned and murdered body in the factory, and its hold on Rashid remains the story. His arrest due to the complaint by Asad was shocking to everyone, and also the cause of a huge row between Asad and […]