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Ballika Vadhu – Jagya decides to finally take the plunge with Ganga, family cut off

Things are moving at a frantic pace with the serial. Jagya, after hearing what Sanchi had to say to her friends, decides that there is no way that she will fit in the Singh household and decides to break the alliance. However, he wants to take the blame on himself and tells that he has […]

Hindi TV Serial – Punaar Vivah – The final episode with these characters

So the show is now ending for the first episode of the serial, with the current characters in the show reaching their final stages in the serial. The story of Ishita was also coming to an end, although in the previous episodes, Ishita managed to escape the clutches of Aarti and Uash, and in a […]

Hindi TV Serial – Punar Vivah – Finally Ishita is exposed in front of the family

For some time now, the serial has been showing the cunning behavior of Ishita. Ishita wants to have Yash with her, even though she is married to Akash. Now, Akash has been troubled for quite some time, always having the thought of revenge against the family, but over a period of time, the love provided […]

Hindi TV Serial – Punar Vivah – Aarti all ready to deliver a baby, Ishita trying everything to stop her

After so much time, the serial started showing some positive news for the main members of the serial. The quest of Yash and Aarti to ensure that Akash left all his anger and hurt was finally achieved. In the end, Akash felt the comfort and love from the family and decided to change himself – […]