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Hindi TV Serial – Saathiya – Koki slaps Urmila for her actions towards Meera

It finally had to happen. For quite some time, the serial has been showing Urmila being in favor of Rashi having sons (she believes that sons are the ones who get favorable treatment in the house and in terms of property, and anyhow, Urmila was always against Gopi because of Rashi being there). So, when […]

Saraswatichandra – Kumud very upset about what happened between her and Saras

There is a lot of tension between Kumud and Saras right now. Saras finally worked up the courage and asked Vidya Charan for the hand of his daughter Kumud, and this made everyone in the family very happy, even more so since this was after there was supposed to be a marriage between Kumud and […]

Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Ka Dard Hai…Meetha Meetha – Anuj realizing that his son is no good

They are 4 cunning people – Anuj, Rubel, Sheela and Latika. Out of these 4, Anuj is shown to be the least cunning but also under the influence of his wife and son. However, in recent times, he has started realizing that his son is no good, and this is not only towards the business, […]

Hindi TV Serial – Saraswatichandra – Saras gets out of jail after Kumud gets Yash to jail to confess

I had a lot of high expectations from the serial, but over a short period of time, I am starting to see the serial as similar to a Balaji serial, designed to portray Ekta Kapoor’s creativity of good and evil in families. And so it happens in the serial. You have family members that are […]