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Hindi TV Serial – Phir Subah Hogi – A girl trying to break free from a repressive tradition

For the past few years now, there have been some shows coming up on television that are breaking the traditional saas-bahu or reality series model on TV and highlighting some of the problems that are there in the country. For example, Balika Vadhu, even with all the dramatics still portrayed the problem of child marriage […]

Hindi TV Serial – Na Aana Is Des Ladoo – The elections are near, and Sia is also expecting a baby

The scene is cast in Na Aana Is Des Ladoo. After a long period where it seemed that Sia had given up the fight, she is back in the bitter fight against Ammaji and is standing up against her in the local elections. Something that is troubling Ammaji to a large extent, since she believes […]

Hindi TV Serial – Bandini on Imagine TV – Sarang trying to get close to Monghi, and DM hiding a secret from Santu

Bandini is a popular serial on Imagine TV, but is slowly starting to meander with new stories getting created now in order to keep the serial ongoing. So it is starting to happen with Bandini. DM knows the truth about Santu, and about the fact that she did not kill Arjan. And then there are […]

Hindi TV Serial – Desi Girl – A new reality show on Imagine TV, getting city girls to live in villages

The majority of India lives in its villages, and the life in villages is very different from that of its towns and cities. There are more activities related to agriculture, farming, animal care, getting water, etc than are present in cities (in fact, some of these activities are not even there in the cities). It […]